BrisKongVia (2007)

Won Education Ministers – Excellence Awards in Visual Arts and Design 2007.

Exhibited at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Artand regional art galleries in QLD until 2009. 

This work is derived from a series of 5 untitled images that work within the idea of “visions of self”. Cultural identity plays an important role in ones self because cultural identity impacts on the individuals background, present and future and how they see the world overall.

“BrisKongVia” comments on my own cultural background. Being of Australian and Chinese decent is greatly emphasised in my artwork. In each workt here is a mixture of Hong Kong and Brisbane’s urbanisation, however they are combined to form one whole city, my perfect world. This re-emphasises my cultural hybridity/clash. The repeated images of blue, red and the stars or the union jack represents the Australian flag. The Chinese characters and theyellow hues represent Asian culture and the stereotypical idea that an Asian’sskin is yellow. The random silhouettes of me taken in Brisbane and Hong Kong were derived and digitally enhanced from digital photos.

“BrisKongVia” works within the foci of Passion, Delusions and Sanctify.  Passion is shown through my Asian pride and passion of being an“Austral-Asian”.Delusion is shown by the incorporation of Brisbane and Hong Kong as one city, my ideal world.Sanctify is shown by making my cultural hybridity holy/of great importance.

The 5 images are combined together as a series of narrative images andare linked together visually. Each of the 5 individual works depict the importance and embracement of my cultural hybridity, however as a series, this work is a statement of how beautiful it can be to be more then just “one”. 
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