Formative Years (2007)

This artwork examines the life of Asian youths in society and addresses the concept of cultural hybridity, personal development and adolescent characteristics;such as rebellion, obsessions, exploration, experimentation and acceptance.

Red lanterns are used as a repeated image throughout the majority of this work as a symbol of youth. In this instance, the colour red from the lanterns is utilized as a power symbol for passion and the significant enormity of our formative years.

The series of images depicts my life as the “stereotypical/average” life of an“Austral-Asian” teenager and works within 3 foci’s. Each of the 5 images can be interpreted differently to work within the foci of opposition, contain and connect. Opposition is not only shown by the obvious contrasting locations of Brisbane and Hong Kong,but it also makes the viewer question their adolescence compared to mine. My actions and personal opinion of “youth” may also be conflicted by others.
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