Socks & Sandals Zine

Spring/Summer 2012/13 Edition

Socks & Sandals is a collaborative publishing project brought to life by a Brisbane-based creative collective, funded by The Queensland University of Technology. Our staff members are united by a mutual passion for all things under the fashion, beauty and lifestyle umbrellas.

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Maddie Daly
Ayla Dolan

Brigid Neill

Head of Design
Olivia Lam

Fashion Director
Sonya Harris

Lifestyle Director
Stephanie Lim

Beauty Director
Kira Donohue

Fashion Writers
Sasha McDonald
Rachel McGann
Nathan Phengrasmy

Lifestyle Writers
Kayla Clibborn
Hasting Lai
Emily Verdouw

Beauty Writers
Jane Buckle
Anjali Raj

Commission Writers
Jack Daly

Display Team: Photography
Olivia Lam
Hannah McCawley
Taylor Perren
Raisa Sugandi
Katie Tavares

Display Team: Design
Anna Ly
Nataasha Torzsa

Assistant Sub-Editor
Linda Nguyen

Business Manager
Maddie Daly
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